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Beautiful Bride on the Wedding Day

Wedding day is one of the most important days in one’s life. How a bride can keep the most beautiful and charming look on the wedding day after struggling in all the preparation works and fitting the small details of the wedding day?

If you can follow the below seven steps, you would find it very easy to become the most beautiful bride:-

1 When to start preparing for the wedding day?

The earlier is always better! But how early is counted as early? Actually, skin care is daily duty of every lady, but we advise you to start special skin care and treatment six to twelve months before your wedding day. Usually, couple would go to studio to have wedding photo shot, that’s why you need to start your skin care and treatment early to make you look good in the picture.

2 Beware of what you eat

It is very important of what you eat because it would greatly affect how your skin looks. Do not eat too much of deep fried food, but more vegetables and steamed food. You would find your skin looks refreshing on your wedding day.

You must have breakfast everyday and eat less during dinner time. And avoid eating four hours before bed.

The most important is to drink more water and avoid alcoholic drinks.

3 Exercise regularly

Exercise does not only make your body shape better for the gown and fitting, it is also good for your blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism. You would look more energetic and charming.

There are many exercises you can do, the most effective one is to go to a physician to have professional train up. You can also exercise together with you fiance so that both of you have the motivation.

If you are very busy at work, you can easily do some exercises by walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator of lift.

4 Have facial treatment regularly

Go to a beauty centre which you trust and start your facial treatment regularly. Let the professional take care your skin and help to resolve your skin problem as soon as possible. It would be better than getting nervous of the sore on your face a few days before your wedding. The earlier you start the facial treatment, the more time for your skin to recover from any scars on your face.

5 Beware of your make up removal steps
Entirely remove your daily make-up is very important. And residues would do harm to your skin. If you can, try not to have make-up before your wedding day in order to give your skin enough time to rest and refresh.

6 Make up and hair styling

Contact your make up artist and hair stylist as soon as possible. Let them know your skin problem and all your needs. If you can find a make up artist who is at the same time a hair stylist, it would be even better because it would reduce the risk of misunderstanding. Try different make up and hair styles before your wedding day in order to find the best one and give the most impressing look on your wedding.

7 Be Relaxed

There are lots of pressures when preparing for your wedding day. There may even be arguments and disagreements among your family and even between you and your finance, it is very important you know the way to release all the pressures and let someone to share with you.

When you have your facial treatment, the massage would help you to release the pressure. Or you would try spa also.

It is also very important to take enough rest. Taking rest is the most effective lotion to make your skin look young and good.

Try to find some friends to help you in all the preparation work. Do not let every small detail to drive you nut. The most important task for you is to become the most beautiful bride on your wedding day!

Flowers For The Wedding

When you’re thinking about ordering flowers for your wedding, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. Flowers add an important visual aspect to the wedding and whether you’re a bride or just a concerned helper, there’s a lot to consider. When thinking about flowers for the wedding, there are several things to think about and decide.

The first and most obvious concern is what color the flowers should be. The first thing you should think about is the color scheme of the wedding. While in some cases, this needs to take the entire wedding location into consideration, oftentimes your color scheme is determined by what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing. If the bride is wearing white, the bouquets are usually white as well, but this is no where near the hard and fast rule that it used to be. A white dress and a bouquet of startling red roses makes quite a wonderful visual, as does a cream dress that is paired with a bouquet of silver roses. Use your best judgment and find a color combination that suits you.

You also may wish to think about flowers that are in season, especially if you have a lot of displays to consider. For a summer wedding, you’ll find an extremely wide variety of flowers available to you, but what if you are getting married in winter or fall? For fall, consider dahlias and chrysanthemums, and if your wedding has an autumn theme, think about filling out your bouquet with colorful fall leaves. For winter, anemones, forget-me-nots and camellias are all in season, and the red berries and shiny green leaves holly look wonderful as backgrounds. During the springtime, look for sweet pea flowers and tulips to make up an enchanting bouquet.

If you have a superstitious bent, you may want to check out the Victorian Language of Flowers. According to the Victorians, all flowers stood for something and part of choosing what your bridal bouquet was deciding exactly what you wanted to convey. For instance, China roses stand for new love and might make an excellent addition to a bouquet, while you might want to be a bit more cautious about adding yellow roses, which is a sign of unfaithfulness to come!

When thinking about flowers, there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind, but remember that at the end of the day, they are meant to make the wedding lovelier. As long as they do that, that’s all that matters!

Diet Before the Wedding

They say that the most important day of your life is your Wedding Day. On this day in front of Friends and Family you will make the biggest commitment to starting a new life with your intended partner. This is when you want to look your best and feel good about yourself and not think that maybe you should have taken the extra step and Diet Before The Wedding.

Fasting before your Wedding Day is not a good idea as so many Brides have passed out at the alter. You want this day to run as smoothly as possible and you want to look your absolute best and you must Diet Before The Wedding. Sensible diets are the only way to go and such diets do exist without making you feel nausea or lethargic.

Forget about trying the diets that promise you to lose ten pounds in a week by living solely off fruit as this will not keep your weight off and because of the amount of citric acid that you are ingesting you could have an allergic reaction which would mean that you could end up having a swollen face on your Wedding Day.

The easiest route to take is to Diet Before The Wedding some weeks or preferably months before your Wedding Day and this will ensure that those extra pounds come off and stay off. Looking your best is an absolute must but you do not want to achieve this by denying yourself all the necessary vitamins, carbohydrates and fats that we all actually need to stay healthy.

How to Lose Weight For the Wedding

You are probably thinking to yourself “I want to look nice for my wedding and for my future husband.” But you do not know how to go about losing those extra pounds. I am here to help you discover how to lose weight for the wedding fast and safe.

It really is not that hard if you put your mind to it and follow a plan. In all the business of the preparations it is really easy to forget about eating healthy and exercising like you should. After all everything else must be perfect for the big day since we plan on going through it only once. It is the day we have dreamt about since we were little girls. The last thing we want is to bulge in our beautiful wedding dress.

You could go with some of the fad diets and fancy potions and pills floating around today and possibly lose a few pounds for that special day. But don’t plan on keeping it off for your new husband to enjoy. You will continue on the yo-yo lose weight plan, on one day off the next and that is no way to live. It is not a good thing to stress out the body in an already stressful time of your life. It is always best to plan ahead even when it comes to losing weight for the wedding.

In order to lose weight fast and safe for the wedding you need to find the right weight loss diet for you. Try to find one that will help you initially lose weight fast but will then keep you on a decent safe level of weight loss. Once you find that perfect plan you need to set your mind to stick with it for life just like you plan on doing in your marriage. You would not think of getting married without a plan so don’t think about losing weight for your wedding fast and safe without a plan.